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The School Motto " Vidhya Dadati Vinyam" is a vivid reflection of the mettle and dedication that goes into the making of a noble institution. It is a constant reminder that education ennobles us and makes us learn to live in all humility.  It enthuses us to be polite and courteous to all the living beings.  We are proud to have humble and responsible students who pass out through the portals of the school and continue to endorse its philosophy of 'Vidhya Dadati Vinyam' that has ennabled them to attain happiness, contentment and success in their lives.


Oxford Senior Secondary School is the dream of the renowned educationists and the visionaries, Late Dr. C. P. Prabhakar and Late Smt. Kiron Prabhakar (Our Founders) who with their grit and determination established a noble institution—under the patronage of Hansraj Prabhakar Educational Society in 1970. They believed that true education is training of the head and the heart. Academic excellence is significant but inculcating  good values is the essence of education. With this vision our Late founder invested their sweat and blood into the most important resource in the world—children. Their relentless service and dedication to this noble cause has been instrumental in leading Oxford to its present glory.

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